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daily wordpress updates

Daily WordPress Updates

Constant updates means lots of bugs and vulnerabilities that need to be patched or your site is going to be much more accessible to hackers, malware, and spam.

Checking for and applying WordPress updates for all your plugins and theme is a big time consumer. We check for and apply WordPress Core, Theme, & Plugin Updates daily to keep you safe and performing optimally.

Daily Cloud Backups

Our daily scheduled backups use a unique method unlike any other backup service where 95% of the backup process is done on our server infrastructure giving you a superbly low server load.

Cloud based website backups are crucial nowadays since most web hosts do not offer website backups as part of their hosting services. If your host or server were to ever go down, or your invoice was not paid, you would lose your site and would have to recreate the entire website again – not a fortunate position to be in.

Easily contact us for:

    • backup restore to your existing site
    • download the backup file
    • migrate to a new host
    • set up a staging area to test out the site
    website cloud backup service
    intelligent wordpress website security

    Intelligent Website Security

    Configuring a security plugin with the most optimal security features without breaking your site and usability is a quite the technical task.

    Our WordPress security experts install and configure our premium security plugin to give you 360 degree firewall protection from hackers, bots, spam, malicious file uploads, brute force attacks, and much more.

    Never worry again about getting red malware messages or having your site compromised by hackers or bots exploiting a vulnerability.

    Additional WordPress Maintenance Features


    Receive either an email and/or a text notification if your site were to go down to minimize downtime for customers and potential revenue. Our false-positive checker confirms the site is down multiple times to reduce any inconsistencies.


    Our web based integrity monitor and malware scanner scans the pages of your site and compares the code against the known malware knowledge base and also check’s your site blacklist status on Google Safe Browsing, Norton Safe Web, ESET, etc.


    Beautiful monthly reports detailing what has been done to your site – updates, backups, # of spam comments removed, malware status, performance optimization report, google analytics integration, and SEO keyword tracking.


    Set up Google reCAPTCHA on login screen and comment forms & change login-URL to prevent spam and prevent unauthorized login attempts.


    We delete bloating spam comments, optimize your MySQL Database to perform its fastest, and do monthly website speed tests that are attached to your monthly report.


    Reach out to us anytime with questions, comments, or concerns and we will be delighted to help!

    FREE Exclusive Bonuses

    wordpress dashboard rebranding service

    WordPress Login Screen & Dashboard Rebranding

    Get rid of the ugly and plain look of the original WordPress login screen and WordPress dashboard by letting us beautifully customize the visual appeal to your own PERSONAL BRANDING FREE OF CHARGE!

      • Beautiful Custom Branded Login Screen
      • Branded WordPress Dashboard
      • Modern Styling & Color Enhanced
      • Remove unnecessary Dashboard Widgets
      • Hide WordPress Branding

      Track Your SEO Keyword Rankings

      Give us a list of keywords you are optimizing for and we will track them for you and attach them to your monthly report to track your site’s progress on the search engines.

      SEO is one aspect every website should be focusing on and running monthly keyword ranking reports is a long, tedious process complicated with expensive tools. We are giving you this feature as a FREE SPECIAL BONUS.

      search engine keyword ranking report
      wordpress website bounce rate

      Block Spam Bots from Google Analytics

      Is your Bounce Rate always abnormally high? Low Average Session Duration? These numbers are actually skewed because of irrelevant spam bots who come to your site for 1 second and leave. This makes your average session duration much lower than it really is and your bounce rate a whole lot higher.

      We’ll block those pesky bots who disrupt your Google Analytics and waste your server resources so you can have REAL DATA of how your site is doing.

      Team Fortress Advanced Security Protection

      wordpress web application firewall

      Intelligent Web Application Firewall 

      Intrusion Detection/Prevention System

      Monitors all traffic and activity before it reaches your site to determine if it is safe to pass on through. Our web application firewall (WAF) incorporates vulnerability exploitation prevention that stops insecure code from being exploited.

      A web application firewall (WAF) stops advanced hacker tactics such as SQL Injection, Cross-Site Scripting (XSS), Header Injection, Directory Traversal, and Remote File Inclusion (RFI) / Local File Inclusion (LFI).

      Website Performance Optimization & CDN – Content Delivery Network

      A CDN – Content Delivery Network distributes your content around the world so it’s closer to your visitors which in turn speeds up your site.

      Along with a CDN, we provide advanced caching which stores ready to go copies of your website for optimal load times.

      We compress your site’s resources which will reduce the number of bytes sent over the network and will improve performance and usability for the visitor.

      Improves your website’s speed by 100%-200% and reduces server load and bandwidth.

      cdn website performance optimization


      DDoS Attacks or Distributed Denial of Service Attacks happen frequently as they are easy to deploy and are automated by bots and are used to overload your site’s resources and take your website offline.

      Our Layer 7 DDoS prevention and mitigation handles attacks of any size so that your site always stays active no matter what.


      Block all possible entry points to exploit any weakness in your site’s code to prevent your site being used to infect your visitors or steal credential information such as social media logins.

      Prevention is a lot better strategy than malware remediation.


      Advanced Brute Force Protection prevent hackers trying to guess your site’s login credentials.

      Zero Day Immediate Response protects your site from newly found vulnerabilities that have no patch for them yet.

      Get Started Today

      Work with Team WP Sekure who will help you Optimize and Safeguard your online presence.


      ( paid annually )per site
      • Daily WordPress Updates
      • Daily Cloud Backups
      • Premium Security Plugin
      • Uptime Monitoring
      • Cutting Edge Security
      • Performance Optimization
      • Monthly Summary Report
      • Excellent Support
      • WordPress Login Screen & Dashboard Rebranding
      • Monthly Keyword Ranking Report
      • Block Spam Bots

      ( paid annually )per site
      • Web Application Firewall
      • Intrusion Prevention System
      • Website Performance Enhancement & Caching
      • CDN - Content Delivery Network
      • Layer 7 DDoS Protection
      • Advanced Malware & Brute Force Protection
      • Zero Day Immediate Response
      • Malware Detection & Removal
      • Brand Reputation Monitoring
      • File Change Detection
      $225.003 Service Hours

      ( paid one-time )
      • WordPress Maintenance and Support Package
      • Hours Never Expire
      • Time Tracked by the Minute
      • Any Size Task
      • Create New Pages
      • Website Issues
      • Website Customizations
      • WordPress Development
      • Graphic Design Work
      • SSL Installation
      • Hosting Transfer/Migration